Peter Tartaglia

16" x 20" - $400.00
18" x 24" - $500.00
20" x 24 - $600.00
Larger and custom sizes -
$125/ sq foot

Portraits are done from photos. If
you are close enough
geographically, I will photograph
the subject myself.

Some of the portraits you can see
on this site were commissioned
and painted using e-mailed photos
of the subject.

For instance, the Nationwide
Towing in Nassau County was
done using several e-mailed

The most pleasing view of the
subject was obtained using
"Tricks" of perspective that cannot
be accomplished with
photographs, however the
architecture and other elements of
the portrait are completely
accurate - down to the names of
the owner's children on the tow
trucks! The Lincoln Continental
Convertible in the foreground was
specifically requested by the buyer
but a photo was not available. He
simply described the color of the
interior and exterior, the year
(1962) and PRESTO - the Lincoln
was in the portrait.
Purchasing the art of Peter
Tartaglia is simple and can be
done from anywhere in the

Please use "Contact" link and
let me know your interests. I
will send you an invoice which
will include a shipping and
handling amount.  Your
satisfaction is guaranteed - If
you are not 100% satisfied,
just return the item and I will
refund the entire purchase
price, less s&h (you pay return